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You ever think about this, about how nudity couldn't exist if it weren't for clothes? I think about that when I watched this blonde lingerie babe with big tits slowly take off all of her clothes on this GF Revenge video. It's pretty fucking amazing, especially because this chick has such an incredible body on hers. Check out this video, along with some GF Revenge classics such as this hot blond with big ass video on GF Revenge today! (You could guess that I love blonds)

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Just look at that chick in the photo above. Doesn't she look hot as hell? I know that the second her photos popped up in my inbox that each file went straight to the top of my "priority" folder of my spank bank! I just love looking at this chick and her delicious pussy. I'm really envious of whoever got to eat that shit.

Except for, I wouldn't want to switch places with that person because apparently that dude sounds like a real douche;

Dear GF Revenge,
Hey, so those photos are of me. I'm sending them to you because my boyfriend was always super jealous all of the time and so I decided that if he was going to be so irrationally super-protective of my sexuality, I might as well share my sexuality with the entire world. Enjoy these pics of my sexy body, boys! If you want more, I can make more!

Man, that Louise chick sounds like a babe with a good head on her shoulders (and looks like a chick with a real good head inside of her pussy while we're at it.) Good for her for standing up for herself when her boyfriend started acting like a douche!

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We here at GF Revenge like to adapt the philosophy of diversity, which is why today for our featured video this week we have brought to you a free ebony GF Revenge gallery. It features this one particular chick who happens to be hotter than sin and knows what to do with her body. This chick really loves to lounge around all day in lace, just waiting to be fucked. You really need to see this free ebony GF Revenge gallery today, my friends!


If you think you have seen the hottest GF Revenge video already, you better brace yourself because you ain't seen nothing yet! In this particular video, this hottie brunette with GIGANTIC tits teases the camera as a way to get back at her cheating ex-boyfriend. Turns out the guy was one of those dumbasses who would try and cheat on a chick as hot as her! Play your part in this GF's revenge by watching the hottest GF Revenge video yet!


Hot redhead teen porn is one of the greatest things that we have seen in our lives – and we once saw a bear juggling a canoe! Not only that, but the bear was riding a tricycle at the time! It was incredible! But we digress, we are getting distracted from the topic at hand, which is this hot redhead teen porn. This video happens to be one of the hottest things we have seen, so watch it today!


You probably have seen this chick in this big huge tits photo gallery all over the internet. Her photos are world-famous, but we bet that you have no clue where the chick came from, or what her name was. Her name is Sally, and she first premiered on GF Revenge a couple of years ago. These photos of her were sent in by this jealous ex-boyfriend who really wanted to get even on the chick for cheating on him, and so that's how we got this bug huge tits photo gallery that you see today!


What "seemed" to be a happy home is no more... Charlie Sheen is loosing it all! Aside from loosing his leading role on the popular TV show "Two And A Half Men" the actor has lost custody of his twins and one of his "goddesses". That's right, the actor tweeted on Friday 03/04/2010 “Update: Happy Valley Lodge; Rachel has left the building…, We’re sad…. Over it… Applications now being accepted! #winner”...

Was it the negative publicity? He's aggressive temper? Stay tuned for all the answers...

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