When I heard that our offices was going to get a copy of one of the hottest lesbians in bikinis videos of all time, I put on my extra baggy pair of pants because I just knew that the second I saw the video, I was going to be walking around the office with an erection all day! And, as it turns out that was a pretty good idea because the chicks in this film are just hot as hell and up for doing ANYTHING in bed!

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This whole video was sent to us by this person named Nico, who wrote to us that they were super pissed and thought of us as the last resort to get revenge;

I tried many ways to teach my ex GF a lesson that she'll never forget for cheating on me. None of them really worked. When I ordered 30 pizzas to her house, she just decided to eat them all and have a party at her place. When I slashed her tires, she just had them repaired. Hopefully putting her pictures on the internet will work, because otherwise I'm afraid that I'll have to become a super villain!

Poor Nico! It looks like they just can't catch a break. I really hope that this works for them, but on the other hand I would just love to see a supervillian that was created because of a shitty relationship! Anyways, this lesbian threesome porn is super hot. Check it out today!

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Out of all of the porn sites I work for, GF Revenge porn is always the hardest because even though I'm always looking at hot porn like this sexy bleached blond naked video, I also get to hear the sad break-up stories behind them. Honestly, sometimes it gets to be so intense that I can't take it. The story behind this video is one of those instances, you can read about all that happened below the fold (and this sexy gallery of the naughty act)

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So, GF Revenge.
I was totally in love with this chick. I met her in college and she had it all - a sexy bleach blond body that looked really hot naked. An amazing laugh. A pleasant personality and a shitload of ambition (she wanted to be an actress, and would stop at nothing to achieve that goal). A long story short, I was going to ask her to marry me and that very night I discovered that she was fucking around behind my back. I ended up selling the ring and dropping out of college. I'm so heart broken. Please take these pictures because I can't stand to see them anymore.

See my dilemma? I want to be turned on by these pictures, but when I do, I'm reminded of just all of the heartbreak that this poor kid went through! Man, working in amateur porn is really rough!

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