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Carter Cruise girlfriend sextape

Carter Cruise was a gorgeous blonde sorority girl that we were lucky enough to get a sextape of this week on GF Revenge for your pleasure. When this video started, we could see her boyfriend was recording her form the next room and keeping quiet about it. We looked on as Carter frantically looked around the laundry room for a certain article of clothing. The glimpses we caught of those big delicious tits and nipple piercings were enough to draw us in for more. When her BF made his presence know, Carter wasn't very shocked about him filming. She reminded him that it was her first day on a new job, but he told he knew, and that's why he had the camera filming. All she had on was a pair of leggings, as Carter got comfy on the floor and started doing her make up. We got a great look at that perfect ass.

Carter Cruise amateur pov porn

It was so nice, her BF couldn't keep his hands off. He started rubbing and playing with it and eventually pulled down her stocking and started fingering her hot shaved pussy. That got Carter really horny, so she was fine with having a quickie before work and letting her man record it. She kicked it off by pulling out his cock and sucking away on it. We were definitely impressed by her blowjob, but she was just getting started. When Carter got on top and rode that cock, it was absolutely erotic. She worked that pussy in amazing fashion and made herself orgasm. Her man got inspired, took over.and banged her hard until he blew his load all over Carter's sexy body.


Kelly Diamond teen ass

Kelly Diamond was a sexy college-aged babe that blew our minds this week on GF Revenge. This hottie had an hard body, a pretty face, and an ass that was amazing. Dressed in some tiny booty shorts, her boyfriend confronted her in the bathroom with his new camera and asked her where she was going. Kelly said she wanted to get a workout and was going to jog to the gym and workout after. Her BF didn't exactly approve; and instead, he thought they could have a different kind of workout at the house. This one would be a freaky sex session he could record on his new camera. As he recorded her, Kelly explained her feet were sore and she wanted to have them rubbed. Her BF saw his chance to seduce her and went for it.

Kelly Diamond sporty girl teen porn

He snuck a little ass and titty grab here and there, and that got Kelly horny. They started to make out, and Kelly could see his cock print, so when he asked her if she was up for a sextape workout, she started to take off her clothes. In her thong, Kelly sucked that cock, as we got the most perfect look at her hot ass. That booty inspired her BF, and he had to go in that pussy. But Kelly was so hot, she stole the stage from him, got on top, and put on a show like no other, as she rode his cock. It wasn't long though before her man took over and started to pound that pussy good in doggy style. He went hard at Kelly's snatch from various angles, as her hot tits bounced up and down form the pounding. Then he couldn't help but bust his cum load all over Kelly's sexy body.


Marina Angel naked teen

Of all the sexy babes we've had the pleasure of watching on GF Revenge, Marina Angel is one of our favorites. This Latina teen was absolutely gorgeous. She had bleached blond hair and an air sexiness about her that was downright erotic. When we caught up to Marina, she was in her undies running the water for a bath. Her boyfriend came in no her with his camera, and she was embarrassed, but he convinced her that it was for his eyes only. Marina was a down chick, so she proceeded to strip naked and enter the tub. This fine Latina teen had a perfect pair of sweet, perky tits and ass that was so delicious, it made you want to dive into it headfirst. As she soaped herself up and cleaned off, her BF took the liberty of slipping his hands into the water and playing with her pussy.

Latina porn Marina Angel

He got Marina wet and horny, so when he pulled out his cock, she went straight to sucking on it. But that didn't last long because what he really wanted was that sweet teen pussy. Because they were in the bathroom, and there wasn't much room, her BF went into that pussy doggy style. But it was a bit awkward and slippery, so Marina got on top to ride his cock. And luck smiled upon us in that way because the hottest thing about this video was watching such a sexy Latina work that dick. Marina thrusted that ass and worked those hips, as she rode her BF's dick deep and hard. When her man couldn't take anymore, Marina got down into position and took his load across her face. Now that's a keeper!


Brooklyn Daniels blow job on GF Revenge

This week, we had a wild one for you. It featured the likes of two sexy teens by the names of Taylor Whyte and Booklyn Daniels. These ladies were hanging out the morning after partying. Taylor's boyfriend came in with the camera and caught them off guard. They were in nothing but their panties, so her friend Brooklyn started getting pissed. What we came to find out was that Taylor and her BF wanted to make a threesome sextape with Brooklyn and were plotting against her. By that, we mean, they teamed up to make it happen. It started with Taylor's BF pretending to put his camera away. Then Taylor asked Brooklyn if she'd be down for a threesome. Since they nearly had one the night before, Brooklyn agreed.

Taylor Whyte threesome on GF Revenge

The girls started pillow fighting and getting frisky. Then Taylor's BF busted out his camera again. Immediately, Brooklyn got pissed again, but after some convincing, she agreed to the sextape, as long as she could keep the video. From there, the two girls stripped down and started petting heavily. In no time, they were rubbing and licking each others pussies. Taylor's BF threw himself into the mix when he pulled out his cock. The girls went straight to sucking on it. They took turns then sucked on it together. This threesome was already in full swing. Taylor and Brooklyn switched off between having their pussies pounded while they ate the others pussy. It was super HOT! When Taylor's BF couldn't take it anymore he busted his load all over Brooklyn's face and Taylor's ass.


Moxxy Minx huge tits flash Car Ride

This week, we were lucky enough to get a video with the sexy Moxxy Minx on GF Revenge. When the video started, this smoking babe was being driven by her boyfriend to an award ceremony for her art contest prize. They were fooling around in the car, and her BF told her because they had a little extra time, he'd take her to a special place he wanted to show her. After pulling off rode for a bit, they came to a hidden spot in a big empty field. He told it was a secluded spot at the edge of a park and no one would bother them.

Moxxy Minx porn pics on GF Revenge

Of course, he started rubbing those big juicy tits which got Moxxy horny, so she pulled out his cock and started sucking it right there. When her BF suggested she get that dick, Moxxy went for it. She climbed on top his cock and started riding it deep. But the car was too uncomfortable, so they got out and started having sex right there in the middle of the park. Her BF laid Moxxy on her back and rammed that pussy hard and deep, as her huge tits bounced up and down from the pounding. And once he couldn't take anymore of that sweet pussy, Moxxy jumped down and took a shot of jizz right to her pretty face.

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