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Oh Shyla you naughty naughty girl! Today's submission came from one fuming dude who was seeking the ultimate revenge against is girlfriend oops ex-girlfriend. Apparently he decided to go through her phone while she was in the shower and stumbled across a sex video of her and her ex having sex. What made it worse was the shirt she had on was the one her current boyfriend had bought her just a couple weeks prior. Apparently while this poor bastard had been out working, busting his butt to support her she was out fucking her ex.

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I gotta admit this chic is hot! She's got an exotic look, HUGE tits and is obviously a freak. She sucks him off like a pro and rides his dick full force. You can tell that this little sex pot was turned on by being taped. She slams her thick booty down on his dong with ease. You can tell she's a pain freak and gets turned on more and more the harder he rams his penis into her tight slit. You won't want to miss out on hearing this dark haired beauty moan or watching her huge milk jugs bounce and jiggle with each thrust.

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GF Revenge Blog brings to you one of the hottest submissions this month. It's all about a sexy blonde girlfriend and her kinky and sexy ways. She obviously did not mind a sex tape that shows all her amazing, real amateur sex skills. The submission of this sex tape and sex tape pictures was made by this hottie's ex. Apparently, they were giving a long distance relationship a shot but slowly they started to drift apart until the relationship just perished.

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He moved on as well as his ex-girlfriend, when one day he stumbled upon GF Revenge and remembered he had this amazing, real amateur sex tape stashed away with amazing clips of his kinky ex-girlfriend and he decided to submitted. "Boy" are we thankful! We just love hot blondes around here and she's a wild fire cracker in the sack! The funny thing is this guy wasn't even pist, just curious. Nonetheless, it works for us! Don't miss this hottie in action.


Not sure what this hot blonde did to piss off her man, but I'm glad she did it! This sex freak must have done something really bad, cause this dude just put her on blast. He got te ultimate revenge by submitted some smoking hot pictures and a amateur sex tape of him and his ex girlfriend to GF Revenge. While his identity is never revealed, every part of her is!

There's guy submitted a little bit of everything. There's some sexy pictures of her in the bathroom doing everything from posing for the camera to using the toilet. But that is just the beginning, there are even more pictures and a sex tape goes from her giving him a strip tease to get her pussy rammed in. Check out Ramming Renae on GF Revenge to see this barely legal teen gives this guy a blow job, spreads wide for him to ram her pussy repeatedly and then sucks him off some more for a facial finale.

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This hot Latina is what one would call a beautiful but cruel creature of sorts. This Latina honey took off on a road trip in which she got fucked to oblivion leaving her loving boyfriend behind. She was gone for days taking pictures of her scrumptious, big ass, her big tits and other various naked pictures by the roadside.

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This ex-girlfriend got back home to a very disgruntled boyfriend who discovered her scandalous, roadside naked pictures. She confessed on cheating and so he dumped her cheating ass and sent us these lovely pictures for our and your viewing pleasure you have to admit this babe looks fine as hell. Who ever said that porn sites only serve one purpose? You can well see that at GF Revenge not only can you get your kicks but serve revenge in the sweetest way!

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When you tape yourself having sex with your girlfriend's sister, don't expect things not to end up horribly. In fact, if you don't watch yourself, you might just discover that your girlfriend did revenge the right way and shot herself as a hot beach blonde who shows her pussy to the entire world! I got to tell you, working in the porn industry for a long time, from my estimation 56% of the chicks get into the gig just as a way to get back at their boyfriends!

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There are a lot of popular college porn videos out there, and we here at GF Revenge hope to join in on the trend by showing you our brand new free GF Revenge college video! It features a hotter than sin babe who goes to some state college or another (it's from a flyover state, if you want a clue) getting her pussy teased until she just can't take it any more! This babe just happens to be one of those chicks who has an appetite that can never be filled, so check out this free GF Revenge college video today!


Why is it that the best looking people always get the best sex? Like, why should this hottie babe gets doggy style sex and the dumpy looking chick next door not get it? Whatever, we know that the world is not fair, but sometimes it'd be nice to see a little justice now and then. Ruminate on the ideas of societal justice while watching this hottie babe gets doggy style sex tape.

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