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GF Revenge Blog is super stoked today because we got our dirty little fingers on some really awesome busty cheerleader's naked pictures. Apparently she was a very slutty gal and her boyfriend gave her the boot and he was so pist he submitted her big tit pics. Anyway, we think he's totally bull-shitting and she left his lame ass. Whatever the case we got some dope pics out of the fall out.

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This babe is naughty and has big pierced boobs that are just to die for. She's a red headed, devilishly delicious babe with a voluptuous body and "boy" can this girl pose and suck a mean dick! She gives us a sneak peek of her pink pussy. This girl is a gem and you will love this busty cheerleader's naked pictures. We sure did and we're hoping to get some more in. The ex said they're were tons, but he was only able to find some. Tune into GF Revenge Blog for continuous updates on the best real amateur porn on the web!


Man, this bathroom sex reality porn is one of the nastiest things that we have seen on GF Revenge. This was sent to us by some dude who picked up this random chick off of the highway, got her to flash her incredible tits and then took her to this NASTY gas station bathroom (well, I guess all gas station bathrooms are nasty) and fucked her doggy style! We have never seen a chick get so wild before over public sex, and we love her so much for it!

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The guy who mailed us these videos and photos was too much, he wrote us this; “man, the best part of this whole thing is that my dumbass friend was waiting in the car the whole time and had no clue what was going on. What an idiot!”
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There's just something about amateur porn that really gets my blood pumping. It's just something about everyday ladies being stripped of their innocence and exposed as the horny little sex goddesses they really are. Well today's update does just that, it exposes this hot young beauty for being the bad girl she is. From what I heard this chic not only got down to business while it was being recorded but she did it with someone other then her man.

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That's right this chic was crazy enough to cheat on her man and let it be filmed. Obviously the news got back to him when he received this wild amateur sex tape of his girlfriend. Needless to say he called it quits and sent it the tape to put this babe on blast. After all when it comes to get revenge there's nothing sweeter then this here. I gotta admit though this chic is a real cutie with a hot body and some skills to cherish. I hope her dude got it in before walking away from his one here.


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GF Revenge Blog is back with yet another jaw dropping submission from three hotties that are all on the rebound. We just love girls when they're on the rebound. For some reason they become all wild and horny and do the darnest and most sexiest things. This submission is proof of this exact theory. All three of these cute girls that look just stunning in their bikinis have just broken up with their boyfriends for some reason or another and now they're are truly alive and wildly sexy.

They were feeling a little down and decided that a pool party would be fun. But what's a pool party without dudes? So they invited some lucky guys that get to participate in this outrageous, poolside group sex session. The girls are drunk and feeling horny. They get naked and show off all their goods: Nice tits, shaved pussies and scrumptious, round asses you'll just want to devour.

These aspiring real amateurs take turns giving some dude head. One of them has their deep throat technique down pact and looks absolutely hot swallowing that big ole dong! They take turns getting fucked in their shaved pussies. Their asses look so good and ripe popped in the air ready for some doggy style action. These GF Revenge poolside, group sex pics are fucking hot! Wait until you see the video. It's packing with galore of big tits and ass. This is one real amateur sex video you'll have to check out if you're truly a fan of real amateur porn!

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Oh Shyla you naughty naughty girl! Today's submission came from one fuming dude who was seeking the ultimate revenge against is girlfriend oops ex-girlfriend. Apparently he decided to go through her phone while she was in the shower and stumbled across a sex video of her and her ex having sex. What made it worse was the shirt she had on was the one her current boyfriend had bought her just a couple weeks prior. Apparently while this poor bastard had been out working, busting his butt to support her she was out fucking her ex.

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I gotta admit this chic is hot! She's got an exotic look, HUGE tits and is obviously a freak. She sucks him off like a pro and rides his dick full force. You can tell that this little sex pot was turned on by being taped. She slams her thick booty down on his dong with ease. You can tell she's a pain freak and gets turned on more and more the harder he rams his penis into her tight slit. You won't want to miss out on hearing this dark haired beauty moan or watching her huge milk jugs bounce and jiggle with each thrust.

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GF Revenge Blog brings to you one of the hottest submissions this month. It's all about a sexy blonde girlfriend and her kinky and sexy ways. She obviously did not mind a sex tape that shows all her amazing, real amateur sex skills. The submission of this sex tape and sex tape pictures was made by this hottie's ex. Apparently, they were giving a long distance relationship a shot but slowly they started to drift apart until the relationship just perished.

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He moved on as well as his ex-girlfriend, when one day he stumbled upon GF Revenge and remembered he had this amazing, real amateur sex tape stashed away with amazing clips of his kinky ex-girlfriend and he decided to submitted. "Boy" are we thankful! We just love hot blondes around here and she's a wild fire cracker in the sack! The funny thing is this guy wasn't even pist, just curious. Nonetheless, it works for us! Don't miss this hottie in action.


Not sure what this hot blonde did to piss off her man, but I'm glad she did it! This sex freak must have done something really bad, cause this dude just put her on blast. He got te ultimate revenge by submitted some smoking hot pictures and a amateur sex tape of him and his ex girlfriend to GF Revenge. While his identity is never revealed, every part of her is!

There's guy submitted a little bit of everything. There's some sexy pictures of her in the bathroom doing everything from posing for the camera to using the toilet. But that is just the beginning, there are even more pictures and a sex tape goes from her giving him a strip tease to get her pussy rammed in. Check out Ramming Renae on GF Revenge to see this barely legal teen gives this guy a blow job, spreads wide for him to ram her pussy repeatedly and then sucks him off some more for a facial finale.

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