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Wow! Can you say BUSTED! This little latina sex pot really got "Caught Slippin" in this one here. You see she thought she had out smarted her big and psychotic boyfriend. She was cheating with this poor bastard you see here in the pics below and was brave enough to be filming all the action as it was going down. Only what she failed to realize is that her man was psycho not stupid and had caught on to her and was about to give her the surprise of a lifetime. While her and lover boy are still laid up in bed the boyfriend comes barging in with a bat in hand.

Lets just saw things get out of hand and this naughty freak not only had to deal with the consequences of her actions in more ways then one. As if the fear and humiliation of being barged in on and caught in the act wasn't enough she's been outted and put on blast here at GF Revenge. After all this is the ultimate revenge! Make sure you swing on by to check out the amateur sex tape that was submitted showing all the madness as it goes down. This chic is a a hottie with a sweet tone.

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I'm not sure what the phrase is in Britin, but all I can say is Ooo-la-la! These ex-girlfriend submitted pictures are absolutely gorgeous. This chic has an awesome body with great curves and insane sex appeal. This British beauty set up her camera to take pics of herself, doing everything from modeling sexy lingerie to dildo fucking her own pussy. This horny babe has an exotic look and some naughty skills. She's obviously a sex freak that was looking to get her slit rammed in.

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Unfortunatly for her man oops ex-man word is the pounding she was looking for wasn't from him. However, luckily for all of us here at GF Revenge when he found out what was going on and got his hands on the evidence he was looking for a sweet revenge. Now you all already know when it comes to revenges no one does it better then we do here on GF Revenge. We love making it our business to expose sexy bad girls showing off their goods and displaying their naughty behaviors. I'm sure you'll agree these sweet revenge's make some of hottest amateur sex tapes and pictures available on the net.


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GF Revenge Blog returns with yet another hot blonde. This chick is a total blonde bombshell of pure sexiness. She has gigantic milk shakers that are simply delightful. Her big booty is the bomb and those supple monster curves are just killer. This hot piece of ass likes to get her groove on by the poolside. She starts of with a skimpy bikini in which her big boobs just spill out of. She then decided to just take off her bikini until she's absolutely naked and looking so wet and fuckable.

Her boyfriend who submitted these naked poolside real amateur sex photos was video taping this blonde hottie the entire time. She seemed to be loving it, that's for sure. She began sucking his dong and from there on things got real steamy. He took her back inside and gave her a good pounding in her tight coochie. This girl is fucking amazing at real amateur sex! She looks so damn good getting fucked doggy style. Check out this real amateur sex photos gallery and be prepared to be knocked off your feet once she receives a milky mess all over her busty rack!

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GF Revenge Blog has got a sexy blonde for all you blonde lovers, today. This girl is absolutely hot and so very naughty. She works at a fast food place and likes to get her groove on right there and then. She shows off her sexy shaved pussy and her big boobs to all the dudes that come into the joint. She's a total riot of sexiness and loves dick so much. You'll love this naughty girl as she gets naked and gets her dick on right at the restaurant.

This sexy blonde spreads her legs wide open and gets a pounding of a lifetime. You just have to check out this honey in these naked photos in "Served Up." This girl will knock the very wind out of you. She's a real amateur that fucks like a champ. This babe totally rocks at real amateur sex and will give you an instant stiffy that will blow you away! We're so lucky that a by-stander took all these hot naked photos and submitted them to us.

Check out this sexy blonde in full steam action. She's a total sex vixen that's a delightful fuck. You'll totally love this sexy blonde once you see these GF Revenge naked photos and GF Revenge video: "Served Up." Join today!

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GF Revenge Blog is super stoked today because we got our dirty little fingers on some really awesome busty cheerleader's naked pictures. Apparently she was a very slutty gal and her boyfriend gave her the boot and he was so pist he submitted her big tit pics. Anyway, we think he's totally bull-shitting and she left his lame ass. Whatever the case we got some dope pics out of the fall out.

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This babe is naughty and has big pierced boobs that are just to die for. She's a red headed, devilishly delicious babe with a voluptuous body and "boy" can this girl pose and suck a mean dick! She gives us a sneak peek of her pink pussy. This girl is a gem and you will love this busty cheerleader's naked pictures. We sure did and we're hoping to get some more in. The ex said they're were tons, but he was only able to find some. Tune into GF Revenge Blog for continuous updates on the best real amateur porn on the web!


Man, this bathroom sex reality porn is one of the nastiest things that we have seen on GF Revenge. This was sent to us by some dude who picked up this random chick off of the highway, got her to flash her incredible tits and then took her to this NASTY gas station bathroom (well, I guess all gas station bathrooms are nasty) and fucked her doggy style! We have never seen a chick get so wild before over public sex, and we love her so much for it!

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The guy who mailed us these videos and photos was too much, he wrote us this; “man, the best part of this whole thing is that my dumbass friend was waiting in the car the whole time and had no clue what was going on. What an idiot!”
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There's just something about amateur porn that really gets my blood pumping. It's just something about everyday ladies being stripped of their innocence and exposed as the horny little sex goddesses they really are. Well today's update does just that, it exposes this hot young beauty for being the bad girl she is. From what I heard this chic not only got down to business while it was being recorded but she did it with someone other then her man.

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That's right this chic was crazy enough to cheat on her man and let it be filmed. Obviously the news got back to him when he received this wild amateur sex tape of his girlfriend. Needless to say he called it quits and sent it the tape to put this babe on blast. After all when it comes to get revenge there's nothing sweeter then this here. I gotta admit though this chic is a real cutie with a hot body and some skills to cherish. I hope her dude got it in before walking away from his one here.


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