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Joslin is a smoking ebony ex-girlfriend that had a thing for taking naked pictures. Mostly all these naked pictures are self taken. There is no doubt that this ebony babe is smoking and freaky, but what's the story behind the pictures? Well, turns out these are from when she was an 18-year-old. She had taken them for a boyfriend. He kept them for 3 years and now submitted them to us because he was pissed that she had lied about there fling to a friend. He found out and got Girl Friend Revenge on Joslin here at GF Revenge.


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This chick is my ex-girlfriend Jessika. We met in Long Beach when I was going to college in Cali. Her family is Korean, but Jessika was born in the US. Anyway, we met at bar, started dating, and were practically inseparable the first few months. Jessika had a great tight pussy and loved to fuck. She was a the kind of Asian ex-girlfriend that took naked pictures and everything.

The thing is, I graduated and headed back to Georgia for the summer to work for my pops. Well, while I was gone, I would call everyday. Then all of a sudden, she stopped picking up the phone. Later, she told me on facebook that she had met another guy. I was tore up. But I got my revenge by putting her naked pictures on GF Revenge. I know it's low, but so is what she did to me, so I guess we're even.


Goth MILF Ex-girlfriend Kiki

Kiki is a smoking hot Goth MILF ex-girlfriend that I met when I was in a band doing gigs in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I remember she approached me after a show and told me she was hot for me. Kiki was like a raging fire when it came to sex. She had some serious blowjob skills and could ride dick like no other.

In the end, I was away a little too long on the road, and she ended up hooking up with a couple in a threesome. I would've been down for it, but she never asked me, and that's was really pissed me off. But whatever, I got my revenge and sent these nude pictures of her to GF Revenge.

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