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Man, the story behind this beach creampie porn video on Free GF Revenge porn is a real bummer. I mean, it's also super hot and no doubt did I masturbate to it a billion times, but it also has a super-sad story attached to it that's hard to get out of your mind. The photos where sent to us by this guy named Dennis and he also sent us this super long email along with it telling us why he sent us the photos. I won't post it all, but just enough to give you a gist of what happened. Read all of the gory, sad details below the fold;

Dear Perverts at GF Revenge,
Please enjoy this beach creampie video, and please post it on your site so that everyone can see it and see what a dirty little minx my ex-girlfriend is. This is a chick who I was madly in love with, and she repaid me by not only cheating on me, but crippling the most important part of my body.

You see, the second I called her on cheating on me, she began to cry and beg for forgiveness. That led to us having some really intense, awesome break-up sex. Only it was TOO intense and she rode my dick so hard that she broke it. Literally. I now can't get an erection unless I press a little button on the side of my thigh. This woman broke my heart and broke my dick, so take the pictures in order to give me a chance to have my revenge.


A really sad story, right?

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