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I think at one point or another we've all wanted to get a hold of nude photos of a hot girlfriend sunbathing - whatever it's our buddy's gal, or your neighbor across the street's life partner...there has always been that forbidden fruit out there that we have wanted to pluck. Well, today we are in luck! No, we don't have photos of that particular girl you want to see naked, but we do have photos of a girlfriend. Check this out and our classic amateur babe crotch shot video today!

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I really hope that you take some time to check out these free GF Revenge photos that we have for you today here at GF Revenge. The chick in these photos is this one wild and crazy Italian babe who apparently has no problem with taking off all of her clothes for the camera and touching every little part on (and inside) her body! That's really great because this chick's body is just plain incredible - from her head down to her toes everything about her is just hot, hot, hot!

I don't think I've ever seen a video on GF Revenge that has been quite as hot as this one has been. It starts off with a sexy naked babe and ends with a basic doggy style orgasm fest that you have to see to believe. The price for admission is worth it just for the double dildo scene alone! If I where you, I'd sign up for GF Revenge right now before you go another minute not watching this video...check it out today!


Have you ever wanted to have sex in the back of the car? You can relive the fantasy (or relive the moment if you've done it) with this amateur video of a car sex teen babe! I think my favorite part of this video is just how juicy and moist this babe's pussy gets! I mean, if I was the dude doing all of the fucking, I would had laid out some towels first or something! Check out this really hot video right now, only on GF Revenge, your number one spot for amateur girlfriend porn!

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So, I really love this GF Revenge amateur sex doggy style video that we have for you on today's update. Apparently the couple in this video was really turned on by the idea of making their own amateur porn, and so they decided to make a reality porn of their own! The results is this really awesome synthesis of canned porn and amateur porn. If you want to see this super hot facial amateur video, then just sign up for GF Revenge today! It is so hot that you won't know what to do with yourself - other than masturbate, that is!

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Today, GF Revenge torrents presents a pretty brunette video. It features this really hot, beautiful brunette taking off all of her clothes for her boyfriend behind the camera, and then coaxing him to fuck the living shit out of each other! I love amateur porn like this because in addition to being hot, it's just so intimate and beautiful as well! There hasn't been an amateur movie like this one since that really awesome military brats sex tape video from a short while back!

If you miss out on this movie, honestly I don't know what your problem is. I mean this is just one of a shit load of really hot amateur videos that we have featured on our site - all available for just $1! With really awesome porn deals like this, you really don't have an excuse to go outside ever again!

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I'm a huge fan of this update that we have of GF Revenge movies this week. It's a sexy latina thong movie that will just blow your mind...and I want as many people as possible to see it! I just love the way that this chick bends over in that sexy thong of hers and shows the entire world her hot, sexy ass. And then she starts to spread her cheeks and my heart just melts! This is the best hispanic babe to have graced our site since that classic latina bikini babe we had on our site a while back. Check it out today!

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There's no need for lubrication this time around as in this Free GF Revenge movie, we happen to have a wet pussy penetration video, featuring a babe who gets super wet just at the SIGHT of a rigid member. I'm serious here, the second that the dude takes off his pants she basically needs a mop and bucket to follow her around and clean up so no one slips!

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This group of small tits amateur porn was sent to us by this nice 20something lady named Katy who wrote to tell us this;


Well, I can't say what attracted Katy's girlfriend to her in the first place, but I have to say that it probably wasn't her impecable grammar or her fully-functional CAPS LOCK button. Whatever it is, she had her heart broken and so we here at GF Revenge are here to help, as always! Check out this totally hot wet pussy penetration video on Free GF Revenge movies today!

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