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The dude that submitted these hot naked pics and this awesome, sexy revenge, real amateur sex tape sure was pist as fuck not only did he get dumped but he was left alone to pay a hefty monthly rent. You see, in this sexy video, the "once couple" were just moving into their new house with big plans for the future. However, the sexy, long haired beauty took off five months after the recording of this sex tape.

Naturally, the ex-boyfriend was devastated. That honey of a girlfriend he had was fine as hell and fucked like a champ. She had pretty perky tits and a luscious big ass you'll just want to bite. Needless to say, she left her ex high and dry, so it's a good thing that on the day they were moving, he stumbled upon his camera and got "in the mood." She was totally exhausted and said she'd do a quickie if he would get the rest off their stuff out of the truck. He agreed and so she started to masturbate.

Now she was in the mood herself and started sucking his rod. He fucked her hard and deep doggy style and she bounced her juicy round ass on his cock. He finally exploded all over that booty and he caught it all in tape. Now that she's gone and he's stuck with the fucking rent he decided to submit this real amateur revenge sex tape and therefore, now he has the funds to move wherever the hell he wants. Don't miss this mind blowing GF Revenge video: "In The Mood."

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Today on our fine little site, GF Revenge presents to you some redhead sex with food porn. You just have to see this film, it is so incredible that your mind is going to be absolutely blown! It has the two things that just about every man in the world could want; a hot redhead with huge tits, and a babe who knows how to cook! It’s like I died and went to heaven or something, I don’t know!

If you want to see this chick naked, or even see her make some orzo salad, you can for just $1!

Even better about this busty redhead who cooks is the fact that she’s completely on the market right now! These photos come from a friend named Schuyler who broke up with his girlfriend and sent us these photos out of Revenge. He told us this;
“Get this, this babe made my spaghetti using parmesan, and I HATE parmesan, so I dumped her. Sure, she’s hot as hell and was always willing to fuck, but what’s the point in dating a babe who has no clue what garnish to use? Enjoy the pictures, dudes.”

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This sexy girl is suffering from a broken heart but apparently can channel her grief in a very fucking sexy way. Her boyfriend has broken up with her and has moved on to spend his time with various other women. In her submission she expressed that these pictures not only made her feel better about herself but that she just couldn't wait for her ex-boyfriend to lay eyes on them and come to the sad realization of what he let go in exchange of being single.

Needless to say, we accepted her real amateur naked photo gallery with utter glee. This girl is sexy as fuck and unless she was a real cunt, we really can't see why anyone would let this sweet piece of ass go. She's obviously very confident and sexually open. She took snap orange juice of her her privates including of her juicy, shaved pussy and her little tight asshole.

In the end we're happy that this sexy real amateur can get her revenge. We're stoked to have these awesome naked photos to share with you all and we sure hope she sends us more submissions of herself showing off that super awesome porn star body. Tune into GF Revenge Blog for continuous updates on the best amateur porn on the net!

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Man, I just love poolside fucks! Not sure what it is about them, but they just drive me wild. Not sure if it's water, the feeling of the sun beaming down on you or the thought of being caught that excites me more. Well what ever it is, this episode titled "Hot and Steamy" definitely has it. Only thing hotter then poolside sex has to be a poolside orgy and that's exactly what we have today. These horny amateurs decided it was time to make a porn of their own and send it in to share with all of us. All I have to say is, Thank You!

Three naked, barely legal babes plus two horny guys equals a damn good time. There's two chics taking on one guy, while the other chic takes on the other. These girls are freaking hot as hell as they double team this dudes cock. Two headed blowjobs are the way to go, if you didn't already know. These young sex pots don't stop there, they get their holes drilled in and then take on one another. That's right they start making out and sucking on one another's private parts. Trust me you don't want to miss out on this one here. Just have to love amateurs that are willing to push the limits and explore new things.

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