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This amateur ebony has got some tits that are absolutely amazing. In this GF Revenge update, she pulls those big puppies out for us to get a good look at them. Man, those are some of the best big natural tits I've ever seen. Honestly, there is just a lack of nice amateur ebony tits like these at just about any exgirlfriend site. Nonetheless, GF Revenge always tries to deliver what the people want. So enjoy the amateur ebony tits, and we'll be on the look out for another great pair for you.


Now this is what I call lesbians in a bath tub GF Revenge style. This video was actually shot by a lesbian girl and her friends. Her GF caught her lying about it, and we ended up with the video. The ex seeking revenge wrote us, "I knew she had been with chicks before me and was a bit of a party girl, but she said she had given it all up for me." She goes on to tell the story saying, "I took a trip back home to see my family. When I got back, she looked like shit and was really sick. Turns out, she had water poisoning."

But that's not the best part - this is: "she left this video in the camera, so I found it. But I asked her anyway without telling her I'd seen it, and she lied saying it was nothing big...that she went out with some friends and had too much to drink." Wow, now that's what you call busted. GF Revenge doesn't discriminate. We take revenge videos of ex's whether it be hetero or lesbian. This amateur video of lesbians in a bath just goes to prove the point.


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