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Carrie was a bad little Latina teen. This girl was super cute and had a smoking hot body. When this GF Revenge episode video started, her boyfriend recorded her, as they drove along. He explained that his girl Carrie Brooks was bound for stardom as a model. Little did we know, he meant nude modeling. When they arrived at the spot in the middle of nowhere, the idea was to shoot some nudes that would act as a resume to get Carrie into a popular calendar and launch her career. In nothing but a see-through bikini that was crotchless, Carrie took on the task. After pouring water all over her hot body, and revealing those unbelievable Latina tits, Carrie finally gave us a look at that nice shaved pussy.

Carrie Brooks teen Latina porn

It was absolutely perfect and would get any man's mouth watering. Her BF snapped a bunch a nude pics, but these two were really horny by the end. Carrie was playing with her pussy the whole time, and now wanted that cock. She started off by talking it deep down her throat. Then Carrie's BF pounded that hot pussy all over the place. He made her cum good, and when it was his turn, he pulled out and busted a hot load for her all over that pretty face of hers. This one was an instant classic you will not want to miss.


Marina Angel naked teen

Of all the sexy babes we've had the pleasure of watching on GF Revenge, Marina Angel is one of our favorites. This Latina teen was absolutely gorgeous. She had bleached blond hair and an air sexiness about her that was downright erotic. When we caught up to Marina, she was in her undies running the water for a bath. Her boyfriend came in no her with his camera, and she was embarrassed, but he convinced her that it was for his eyes only. Marina was a down chick, so she proceeded to strip naked and enter the tub. This fine Latina teen had a perfect pair of sweet, perky tits and ass that was so delicious, it made you want to dive into it headfirst. As she soaped herself up and cleaned off, her BF took the liberty of slipping his hands into the water and playing with her pussy.

Latina porn Marina Angel

He got Marina wet and horny, so when he pulled out his cock, she went straight to sucking on it. But that didn't last long because what he really wanted was that sweet teen pussy. Because they were in the bathroom, and there wasn't much room, her BF went into that pussy doggy style. But it was a bit awkward and slippery, so Marina got on top to ride his cock. And luck smiled upon us in that way because the hottest thing about this video was watching such a sexy Latina work that dick. Marina thrusted that ass and worked those hips, as she rode her BF's dick deep and hard. When her man couldn't take anymore, Marina got down into position and took his load across her face. Now that's a keeper!


Brazil Diaz Latina porn on GF Revenge

Lucky for us, we got a two for one special this week on GF Revenge. This video featured two gorgeous Latina babes by the names of Brazil Diaz and Parker Page. These hot babes had just gotten back from the store when Parker's BF stopped them in the doorway. He had his camera recording and kept asking to see what they'd bought from the store. Apparently, he knew that Parker had gone with Brazil to a sex shop and bought a dildo. After a lot of clowning around and begging, Parker and Brazil finally pulled it out. Brazil must've surely liked them big because this rubber cock was huge. The girls started to play around with it, as they discussed Brazil's jerky ex. They had an idea to get back at him by filming a hot lesbian video of Brazil and Parker pleasuring themselves with the dildo.

Parker Page threesome porn on GF Revenge

In no time, the girls were sucking on it, as they stripped down. Then they began to make out and started to stroke each others pussies with the dildo. But this just got them horny. Brazil wanted some real dick because it had been a long while and asked if she could suck her BF's cock. Parker was cool with it and even joined in. Then after her boyfriend banged Parker, Brazil asked if she could get some dick too. Being such good friends, they shared Parker's BF's cock. He banged those pussies good. It was a crazy hot threesome. At the end, Parker sucked the cum from her BF's cock and swapped it with Brazil, as they made out.


Looking at this video that we have for you today here at GF Revenge, I'm reminded of the imortal words of Wesley Snipes: "Always bet on black." This beautiful ebony girlfriend sex tape features some of the best sex moves I've seen an amateur do - and that includes all of that shit in that one hot Latina secretary porn we had featured on the site a while back. Let me tell you all - this chick does everything, from anal to oral to fetish...and everything she does is top form!

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What is the deal with this sexy Latina blow job movie, you might ask? Well, it is a video that was sent to us by this one dude from Cuba (yes, we're INTERNATIONAL now, motherfuckers) who said that his GF cheated on him 31 times and so he decided to show the rest of the world just what she looks like naked. Not the most classy thing in the world (that honor belongs to our awesome Blonde Teen Car Sex on Free GF Revenge Porn video), but I'm glad that we now can see such a sexy latina babe naked!

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Do you like sex tapes? What about some Latina sex tape porn, especially the ones that you would find on GF Revenge Videos? Well, if your answer to either of those questions is "yes," you're going to really like the update that we have for you today. Much like the other times we have brought you free Latina GF video, this porn really delivers. I just love seeing this chick in that really hot "Borat" bikini, and I love her even more when she gets out of it. Watch this video today!

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This time around on our fine blog, Free GF Revenge presents to you this video of a blond with perky tits. I love seeing nubile babes like this one fuck on camera, especially ones who are so obviously into sex as much as this chick is. I have an erection right now just because I am THINKING of the scene in this film where she shoves a rock-hard dick deep into her wet pussy.

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I think what makes this chick so hot, besides her perky tits, is the fact that she just has that look of lust in her eyes and there is nothing in the world that can get between her and a cock. Man, I really wish I could be the dude in the video when she begins to slob on his knob. I'll tell you one thing's for sure - I have never received a blow job as hot as that one in my whole life!

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