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If you're anything like me, you're gonna love today's update "Bathroom Break". There's just something about hot babes getting their slits stuffed in public bathrooms, that really turns me on. Just knowing that a chic is that turned on and excited, that she can't hold off till they can get a room is smoking! Between that and the excitement that comes from knowing they're doing something they aren't supposed too only adds to the thrill and excitement. Aside from being naughty the hottie in this update has an amazing body, pierced nipples and a love for sex.

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This submission titled "Bathroom Break" was turned in by a dude after he found out is chic had cheated on him. Only that's not the whole story. Apparently he cheated first, she found out and took these naughty pics of her and some other dude and set them to him as payback. Only she obviously didn't think the whole thing out, cause he turned around and set them to GF Revenge for some payback of his own. I guess he just couldn't let it go that easy and went for the ultimate revenge after she supplied him with all the goods.


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Jenny's Party sure does look like it was a success. These naught blondes had the times of their lives. That keg sure did do the job of getting them trashed that's for sure. Somehow I get the feeling though that their boyfriends weren't so happy with what went down...


WOW!! So I just got the full scoop on these GF Revenge pics "Juicy". This dude's wife submitted a bunch of pics of her husband and this gorgeous younger mistress. However, the craziest part of the whole thing is that the mystery lady was actually hired by the wife to catch the "cheating bastard" in the act! The pics are great the babe is smoking hot. Let this be a lesson to never leave evidence!

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