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‘Caught Slipping’ Cheating Girlfriend Gets Busted

Wow! Can you say BUSTED! This little latina sex pot really got "Caught Slippin" in this one here. You see she thought she had out smarted her big and psychotic boyfriend. She was cheating with this poor bastard you see here in the pics below and was brave enough to be filming all the action as it was going down. Only what she failed to realize is that her man was psycho not stupid and had caught on to her and was about to give her the surprise of a lifetime. While her and lover boy are still laid up in bed the boyfriend comes barging in with a bat in hand.

Lets just saw things get out of hand and this naughty freak not only had to deal with the consequences of her actions in more ways then one. As if the fear and humiliation of being barged in on and caught in the act wasn't enough she's been outted and put on blast here at GF Revenge. After all this is the ultimate revenge! Make sure you swing on by to check out the amateur sex tape that was submitted showing all the madness as it goes down. This chic is a a hottie with a sweet tone.

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