Most guys would love to see their girlfriend having some hot lesbian fun. However, that wasn't the case this time around. The dude that submitted these pics was actually pissed the "F" off! Apparently he found his girlfriends BF camera laying around and decided to take a look through her pictures. The last thing he expected to find was his girlfriend and her bestfriend butt booty naked smoking and getting it on. Needless to say he flipped out made her his ex and decided to show the world what she's been up too. Check out more amateur pics on See My Wife...


Titties, alcohol and the club, they go together like bread, peanut butter and jelly. Any guy who has been there and witnessed really hot, really drunk chicks pulling out their boobs at 2am in the morning to debate who has the better rack knows just how awesome of a sight this kind of ordeal can be. But the fact that there is some good old-fashioned, lesbian nipple sucking in these particular pics just makes it that much better.


Damn this is one smoking hot babe! Apparently her and her lesbian lover got into a huge blow up and her pics got submitted in. Its always the sweetest revenge to expose your ex's naked body to the world. "You wanna cheat and give your body to someone else we'll now you can give it to the world!"

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