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Apr 30, 2012 Uncategorized


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The other day I was sitting in my office, when this email popped into my inbox:

My name is Dave and recently my girlfriend Kris just broke my heart. Everything was going fine (and as you can see in the attached pictures, the sex was going GREAT!) until one day I texted her, and she texted me back that she was moving forever to go up to New York to fuck her ex-boyfriend. I was heartbroken, and so I am turning to GF Revenge to help. Attached is every naked photo and video I took of her. It's a couple of gigs worth, so it'll take you a while to get through it all...but enjoy!

So I went through the videos and I ended up finding some of the hottest porn that I have seen in the longest time. I really feel sorry for Dave for losing a chick as hot as this one, but at the same time I am glad that the break-up happened because now I can see all of her super hot naked photos! Holy shit, are some of these absolutely insane!

You can see them all at the GF Revenge main page right now. You should be warned, this Kris girl had a really nasty fetish and it might be too much for some to handle- but at the same time, it might be just enough for some of you. Check out this hot porn movie today, only at GF Revenge!

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Today on GF Revenge, we have video of a super-hot babe with a very large dildo collection. This chick apparently loves to collect all of these dildos and shove them deep into her pussy! I'm kinda the same way about butterflies, not the shoving them in the pussy part but the collecting part. I guess that it's a habit that we pick up on living in a consumer culture or something. Anyways, enjoy this video - it's pretty great and fun to watch!

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This hot groto sex film is really the bee's knees. Never in the history of the amateur GF Revenge site have we been able to find a film that is as wet and wild and fun as this one. This chick in this movie is one of those babes who just can't get enough of fucking, and she asks for it again and again after the dude cums! Be sure to watch all the way until the end, there is a special twist ending that will have your dick be super hard!


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They say that only one out of every three chicks can orgasm thanks to penetration of the penis. I believe that statistic, although I have the feeling that this chick is so into sex that there has to be at least 40 babes out there who can't cum because of a dick since she cums so hard whenever a cock is inside of her. If you want to see a hot orgasm video for GF Revenge tube, check out this one today!

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Today on GF Revenge, we are going to show you the sexiest of the sexiest GF Revenge lesbian orgy photos! The chicks in this photo gallery are those lipstick lesbian types who just love to take off all of their clothes on the camera and fuck! Too bad that the one girl's ex-girlfriend got a hold of the roll and she sent them to us!

Now you can see all 100 photos and the entire 20-minute video! It's just great listening to these chicks squirm and cum and fuck all night long! Man, if I enjoyed sex as much as these chicks do, I don't think that I would ever leave the house! Check out these chicks fucking today!

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Jan 03, 2012 Uncategorized


Oh la la, this babe here is smoking! Apparently this beauty gets well paid for being so fine and although her prices are high, she makes it well worth every dime. The submitter had no complaints, but was more then happy to submit these pics to get back some of the big bucks he spent on her and I don't blame him! This beauty has a tight round booty and big mouth watering tits that will surely drive any man insane. She's a hot blonde with amazing assets and deserves all the exposure she gets. Too bad this dude wasn't slick enough to get a pic of her face but I'm sure he'll be calling her back for a round two! She gave him a XXX-Mas he'll never forget and  left him with a smile that will last the New Year.

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