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This GF Revenge Blog update is super fucking hot and there's so much to look at really when you think about it. This sexy red head apparently has a difficulty choosing her accessories or just likes to wear them all at once. Either way, though all that junk she was wearing caught my eye so did her big fucking boobs. They are colossal! Then she also, has a big ass that's nice and bubbly and she looks amazing popping that ass in the air. This red head may not have much fashion sense but her body is top notch and when it comes right down to it that's all that matters.

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Further more, this red head hottie, is a champ at deep throat blow jobs. Wait until you see her chowing down that dong until it just disappears withing the contours of her mouth. This honey is the bomb! The boyfriend was the submitter. He didn't mention that they've broken up so we can't really say. We're just hoping he sends us more of these red head blow job pictures. They totally rule! Check out this GF Revenge Submission in it's entirety. Believe me you won't be disappointed.


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GF Revenge Blog has got a sexy blonde for all you blonde lovers, today. This girl is absolutely hot and so very naughty. She works at a fast food place and likes to get her groove on right there and then. She shows off her sexy shaved pussy and her big boobs to all the dudes that come into the joint. She's a total riot of sexiness and loves dick so much. You'll love this naughty girl as she gets naked and gets her dick on right at the restaurant.

This sexy blonde spreads her legs wide open and gets a pounding of a lifetime. You just have to check out this honey in these naked photos in "Served Up." This girl will knock the very wind out of you. She's a real amateur that fucks like a champ. This babe totally rocks at real amateur sex and will give you an instant stiffy that will blow you away! We're so lucky that a by-stander took all these hot naked photos and submitted them to us.

Check out this sexy blonde in full steam action. She's a total sex vixen that's a delightful fuck. You'll totally love this sexy blonde once you see these GF Revenge naked photos and GF Revenge video: "Served Up." Join today!

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Meet Layla, this babe is hot to trot and truly mesmerizing in this sexy masturbation porn video. When we got this submission we about fell on our faces. We suspect that this sexy gal knows all about GF Revenge and her motive is unclear. However, we just don't give a shit, we sure hope she submits more of her gorgeous self. Layla will rock your world with her sultry look and her kinky antics.

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She's got big boobs, a nice, spank worthy booty, legs for day and if all that wasn't enough she has all these really cool and edgy tattoos. Her big boobs are pierced and so is her clit. She gets her dildos and fucks her pink pussy with it looking like a fallen angel. This real amateur is truly something else. I've never enjoyed anyone masturbating as much as our dear Layla. Don't miss her in this GF Revenge video: "Laying Layla."


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GF Revenge Blog always has something super hot in store for all you real amateur porn aficionados. Today we have two very hot real amateur ladies that take down one lucky stud, which is the very guy who submitted this sex tape and we owe him a big fucking thank you. His ex-girlfriend is the dirty blonde with the naughty look in her eyes. The ex-boyfriend in the submission explained that his girl was really into threesomes and didn't mind one bit throwing in one of her girlfriends into the mix, which is exactly what happens in this submission.

His girlfriend and her girlfriend were hanging out in his pad looking all nice and frisky flaunting their panties and thongs while their big boobs poured out of their bras. Needless to say, this dude was horny as fuck and wanted some pussy. His girlfriend started stroking his cock. He had the cam in hand because he just had a feeling it was going to go really good for him and indeed, it did. The other girl, the brunette jumps in and assists his ex-girlfriend in this sloppy but very sexy and exhilarating blow job.

Before you know it these hotties are getting man handled and just loving every minute of this incredible real amateur threesome. Nothing like "2 Girls and One 1" getting it on. Though this was a thrilling day, their relationship ended. This lucky fella in more ways than one, literally, told us that while the sex was magnificent that his ex was a big time slacker that partied every single night and he was simply playing catch up all the time. It finally came to an end when she walked in the apartment with a girlfriend and another dude in the middle of the night. He kicked everyone the fuck out and has never heard from her again.

Well, we are so very sorry to hear about this, but we just can't help but being thankful for this very awesome sex tape. And as always we tell our disgruntled submitters at least revenge is fucking sweet. Don't miss this outrageous GF Revenge video: "Surprise Visit."

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GF Revenge Blog happily introduces this very sexy brunette ex-girlfriend with mad skills in the meat department. This real amateur cutie is a total cock fiend and knows how to give one killer, deep throat blow job. She has a tight body that will instantly dazzle you. Her big boobs and banging body are truly extraordinary!

Not only is she a pro at blow jobs but this sex vixen will work her body on that dong like a real amateur. She's a complete delight to watch in real amateur sex for she truly rocks at it and looks ever so lovely as she gets her tight pussy plummeted. She looks simply exquisite in these deep throat pictures.

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