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Brazil Diaz Latina porn on GF Revenge

Lucky for us, we got a two for one special this week on GF Revenge. This video featured two gorgeous Latina babes by the names of Brazil Diaz and Parker Page. These hot babes had just gotten back from the store when Parker's BF stopped them in the doorway. He had his camera recording and kept asking to see what they'd bought from the store. Apparently, he knew that Parker had gone with Brazil to a sex shop and bought a dildo. After a lot of clowning around and begging, Parker and Brazil finally pulled it out. Brazil must've surely liked them big because this rubber cock was huge. The girls started to play around with it, as they discussed Brazil's jerky ex. They had an idea to get back at him by filming a hot lesbian video of Brazil and Parker pleasuring themselves with the dildo.

Parker Page threesome porn on GF Revenge

In no time, the girls were sucking on it, as they stripped down. Then they began to make out and started to stroke each others pussies with the dildo. But this just got them horny. Brazil wanted some real dick because it had been a long while and asked if she could suck her BF's cock. Parker was cool with it and even joined in. Then after her boyfriend banged Parker, Brazil asked if she could get some dick too. Being such good friends, they shared Parker's BF's cock. He banged those pussies good. It was a crazy hot threesome. At the end, Parker sucked the cum from her BF's cock and swapped it with Brazil, as they made out.


Abbi Roads amateur pussy on GF Revenge

Abbi Roads was an insanely fine super freak we had the pleasure of seeing this week on GF Revenge. At the beginning of this video, she was getting all made up to go to her friend's wedding night. But her boyfriend had the camera filming, as they talked about the plans. As Abbi slipped on her super hot stockings, her BF convinced her there was plenty of time to make the wedding, so they should take advantage and make a sextape. When Abbi turned around and showed off that hot booty, she had us all in a trance.

GF Revenge big ass porn with Abbi Roads

Then she flashed her pussy a couple times, and her BF lost it. This girl was a firecracker and even took nude selfies right there for him and started rubbing her pussy. Abbi was so hot, she started sucking away at her man's cock. It was awesome to see such a hot GF sucking cock. Her man dived into that crazy hot pussy and started stroking away. Abbi was an absolute freak in bed and worked that dick like no other GF we'd ever seen before. When her man couldn't hold out anymore, he pulled and covered Abbi's pretty face with a cumshot.


two girl blowjob on GF Revenge

This is by far one of the best threesomes we've ever had on GF Revenge. It showcased two super hot babes, Hurricane Barbie and Jordie Jae. One is a smoking hot blond with a great ass, and the other is a sexy brunette that has it in all the right places. When Barbie was taking a shower, Jordie's BF dared her to jump into the shower with her and makes out. Initially the girls resisted, but the temptation was too great, so they went for it.

Jordie Jae threesome on GF Revenge

Barbie and Jordie really started getting into it and decided to take it even further. The ladies stripped naked and started rubbing and licking each others pussies. It was some insane lesbian girl-on-girl action. Of course, they were horny and hungry for cock, so Jordie's BF was in the perfect situation to join in. He gave both those pussies a deep, hard stroking, and the ladies loved it. Everyone came, and Jordie's BF left his cumload all over the girls' sext bodies.


Belle & Layla lesbian porn on GF Revenge

We've got a wild one for you this week on GF Revenge. It features a sexy tall blond and a smoking hot Latina caught up in an insane threesome. Belle and her friend Layla were just doing girly stuff that morning, as you can tell form the video. It was nail polishing and gossip. But when Layla's BF came in with the camcorder filming, we knew things were going to get freaky. Belle had spent the night, and the ladies had slept in, so they were still in their undies and sleeping shirts from the night before. Her BF asked them to show a little skin, and they weren't about that, so he made it more fun and dared them to kiss. This the ladies were willing to try out.

GF Revenge Belle & Layla threesome

It began with an innocent pop-kiss, but ended up with Belle and Layla naked on the couch eating each others pussies out. Of course, her BF couldn't stay out of the action, so he whipped out his hard cock to see what the ladies would do. Without hesitation, they began playing with it like it was their sex toy. They stroked it, licked it and took turns sucking it. Being the great friends they were, they had no problem sharing his cock. Layla was up first and took a good stroking and did some cock riding of her own. Then it was Belle's turn. Her ass was so hot that Layla's BF never left the position. He drilled that pussy from behind until he came all over her ass.


Double Dose sex with Olivia and Jessica Ryan on GF Revenge

As you can see from the picture above, Olivia is a firecracker. In this GFR video, her and her BF start having sex on video when her longtime friend Jessica Ryan walks in on them. They invite her to join in, but she is a little hesitant. When Olivia and her BF agree to show the sextape of their threesome to her ex, Jessica changes her tune and jumps into what is one of the wildest and freakiest threesomes in GF Revenge history. This video proves, it's all about REVENGE! It also doesn't hurt that both these ladies are fine as hell. We know you'll enjoy these pics for sure.

Nadia Capri having sex on GF Revenge

This GF Revenge video titled, Nice Tits, is all about the power of negotiation. Featuring the lovely Nadia Capri, the title says it all. When her BF catches her coming out of the shower in nothing but a towel, he begs her to have a little freaky sex session on video. Of course, Nadia turns him down. But after some more begging, she finally gives in under the condition that he never show it to anyone else. We all know that's not how it turned out though. Lucky for us we got to watch this big tits beauty go wild on a cock. It was awesome!

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