When I heard that our offices was going to get a copy of one of the hottest lesbians in bikinis videos of all time, I put on my extra baggy pair of pants because I just knew that the second I saw the video, I was going to be walking around the office with an erection all day! And, as it turns out that was a pretty good idea because the chicks in this film are just hot as hell and up for doing ANYTHING in bed!

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This whole video was sent to us by this person named Nico, who wrote to us that they were super pissed and thought of us as the last resort to get revenge;

I tried many ways to teach my ex GF a lesson that she'll never forget for cheating on me. None of them really worked. When I ordered 30 pizzas to her house, she just decided to eat them all and have a party at her place. When I slashed her tires, she just had them repaired. Hopefully putting her pictures on the internet will work, because otherwise I'm afraid that I'll have to become a super villain!

Poor Nico! It looks like they just can't catch a break. I really hope that this works for them, but on the other hand I would just love to see a supervillian that was created because of a shitty relationship! Anyways, this lesbian threesome porn is super hot. Check it out today!

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This chick named Maria sent us this video of a lesbian foursome party for us to present on GF Revenge torrents. The weird thing is that she sent it by mail...I mean, who does that anymore? Why spend all of that postage when you can just send it through the internet for semi-free, you know? Anyways, if you really want to see a horny lesbian ass video, then today is your lucky day, because Maria sent us this video of her and three of her friends having a little spring break fun. And by fun, I mean, "massive fuck fest."

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It's the end of the week, and we're going out on a bang...if you know what I mean! (by "bang" I mean sex, if you don't know what I mean) This weide ass hispanic babe video on Free GF Revenge videos features on sexy Cuban mama who really knows her way around the cock. I just love the part of this video where she bends over and spreads her ass cheeks to let the love makes my heart warm every time I see it! If you like your amateur panties videos to be a little on the wild side, then check out this wide ass hispanic babe porn today!

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What does free GF Revenge have in store for you today? Why nothing other than a totally sexy lesbian shower orgy! These babes in this video are just so naughty and out of control, that I think it would take a whole SWAT team to tear them apart! Not that you would want such a thing, since it's really hot watching them get each other all sudsy and shit!

I think the best thing about this video is that it just start so innocently (kind of like that one sex with food amateur porn video from a while back) in which a trio of hot basketball babes shower off after the game. From there, things get really weird...and completely sexy! If you like having an erection, you just NEED to see this video!

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We've shown thong photos on our site before, such as our college thong pictures gallery, but I don't think we have ever quite shown anything quite like this hot brunette thong photos on Free GF Revenge torrents. This chick not only looks incredible in her bathing suit with that little string going through her ass cheeks, but she also looks even better when she takes it off! If you think you've seen the best that GF Revenge has to offer, you have another thing coming to you buddy!

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My favorite part of this entire video is just how great this chick is at sucking dick. It's like she has some sort of second sight or preternatural power that enables her to figure out exactly what the dude wants before he even realizes it. I have no clue how she does it, but I never really had any problems with the manners and mysteries of life before!

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The First Lady of the United State has recently started a campaign against obesity. Well, we here at Free GF Revenge Porn are throwing our hat into the ring with this sexy skinny teen video that we think might just win us a Congressional Medal of Honor or something. We don't know, we're a bit shaky with the whole politics thing, but if this video makes at least one chick out there want to take better care of their body, I would say that it was all worth it!

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In this sloppy blow job video, a really hot college freshman sends a video back home to her high school sweetheart breaking up with him in really the worst way fucking another dude right there on tape! Man, so harsh!

You can see why a chick like this sexy skinny teen would get onto GF Revenge. Although, you could also probably figure that by looking at her amazing body. Man, God really is the greatest designer of all kind! A whole NASA team could work for 3 years straight making an ass like hers, and they wouldn't even real the level of perfection that she has!

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Since all of you hound dogs out there loved that hot Asian panties video that we did a while back, we're going to bring you more of a good thing by giving you this preview for this amateur panties video...right here at Free GF Revenge torrents! This chick gets so hot and horny over fucking and being dominated in bed. I am semi-hard right now just because I'm looking at this part of the video where she shoves her panties into her weird and hot!

The dude who sent us this video also wrote us a letter explaining to us why he think he fucked up the relationship (as if we gave a shit)

So, GF Revenge...if you got a really hot chick and she begins to demand to you that you do a whole bunch of sick, crazy shit in bed you better make sure that you can fulfill those desires, or else you'll find her fucking someone else! That's what happened to me, and why I'm sending you these photos...enjoy!

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I think the best thing about GF Revenge is the fact that we get videos just as hot as this amateur panties video that we have featured today. Everyday, we get so much amateur exGF porn in our inbox that it's hard to keep up with it all! Hell, it's hard not to masturbate to every single one of them! Oh well, at least we have the pleasure of spreading great porn all over the world!

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