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"Oh guys" and all you real amateur sex lovers, hang on to your seats for today's GF Revenge update is fucking hot to trot! It's raunchy and sexy and it's really amateur sex at its very finest. In this installment we have a couple: A blonde teen and her boyfriend who is the dude behind the camera. They're on a vacation and about a little over an hour away from their destination which is good ole Miami! This sexy girlfriend had to make a quick stop to pee and just couldn't wait to get to Miami for some good times.

She took kind of long in the restroom so her boyfriend jumped out of the car with his cam and knocked on the door. Somehow he convinced this hottie with a tight ass and some really nice tits to have a "quickie" with him in the restroom. At first she resisted, being kind of grossed out by the rest stop restroom and what not. But she finally agreed. What was suppose to be a "quickie" turned into a full blown, real amateur sex session in which the boyfriend took advantage and made this awesome sex tape.

He fucked her teen pussy in various positions. By this point she was totally into it and just totally digged the camera aspect about it. She gave him a full blown, sloppy blow job and bounced her cute ass on his dong. This blonde teen is absolutely fucking hot and should be doing this for a living.

The only thing were not sure about is why this couple with so much spark has broken up. We're also, not sure who put in the submission since they wanted to remain anonymous. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, we don't give a fuck. We're just so happy to have this off the chain, real amateur sex tape with a hot blonde. Don't miss this cutie in full steam, hardcore action in this GF Revenge video: "Restroom Rebels."

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This naughty, blonde, ex-girlfriend might seem familiar to you since she's a webcam model. Her ex-boyfriend who broke up with her mainly because she didn't have time for him since her working hours took most of her time. He doesn't think she'd mind him sharing this little memoir with us. In this submission it appears as though this hottie was getting ready to work as she had all her dildos in display.

Before she got started working, her ex-boyfriend came along and gave her some real cock. She seem to enjoy getting fucked by a real dong very much unlike her usual dildo performances in the various web cam sites she's on. This girl is truly fantastic as a she gets fucked. She especially looks scorange juiceptious when she pops her gorgeous, big ass in the air and gets dicked down. Don't miss this hottie in this real amateur sex tape! Watch her in GF Revenge video: "Play Thing."

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