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For those who haven’t heard already, GF Revenge videos are the best way ever to get back at that snooty ex girlfriend or housemate who won’t put out! Check out Catch a Glimpse and you’ll get more than a glimpse of sweet pink pussy... and the lucky lady whose snatch you’re banging off too has probably been put up there by her angry ex boyfriend!

Talk about perfect. GF Revenge videos like Catch a Glimpse bring the super hot ex GFs of angry men right into your home!


We’ve just put up a whole bunch of new GF Revenge videos and man are they sweet! This is for anyone who has ever been dumped by his fit as fuck chick and wants to get his own back by pasting her snatch all over the web!

Fit As Fuck is just one of the awesome new GF Revenge videos we’ve been uploading. Check out genuine amateur hotties getting themselves into some seriously compromising positions – and never knowing they’ve been caught on camera by a jealous ex!

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