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"Oh man" this hot brunette from this latest GF Revenge submission is fucking gorgeous! We're thinking that the dude that submitted this sex tape was dumped for interrupting this beauty's beauty sleep. First off in this submission this cutie was sleeping ever so peacefully with that fine ass peeking out of her blanket. We suppose her boyfriend got a glimpse of her sublime big ass and got in the mood and that's why he woke her up. At first she dismissed him with a "fuck you," but when he started playing with her pussy, it seems like she grew sunnier in disposition and was ready for some good morning action.

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Thank goodness this guy kept the camera rolling if not we wouldn't have our hands on this awesome as fuck real amateur porn video. This darling brunette got hornier and hornier and started giving him a deep throat blow job. This girl fucking rules! We just love this kind of gal at GF Revenge. We can only hope to see more of this hottie real soon. Things get wilder when he starts pounding her pussy doggy style. Check out this raunchy real amateur, GF Revenge video: "Wet Dreams."


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This GF Revenge submission is just banging. It features a young ebony babe named Naomi with a an extraordinary, killer body. We have no clue as to why this was submitted for we don't understand why anyone would want to let go of this hot piece of ass that seems to enjoy having sex so much, making amateur porn videos and taking nude photos. We simply don't understand. Our only guess is that whoever submitted this awesome sex tape was dumped like a chump.

Anyway, Naomi is slim but still has this hot little ass you just want to spank and kiss it all over. Her boobs are perfect and she has fiery, red hair that makes this ebony babe even more seductive. She looks so hot in her fishnet outfit that shows off her itty bitty thong and her awesome nipples. But that's not the best part. The best part is that this chick totally rocks at real amateur sex and gives killer head. Check out this cutie in GF Revenge video: "Naughty Naomi."

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Amateur Sex Tape “Tight As Fuck”

Nov 26, 2011 Uncategorized


"Tight As Fuck" is a wild amateur porn sex tape. This couple really goes all out and aims to please. This babe has the most insane body with great tits, an amazing ass and curves in all the right places. She doesn't seem game at first; but, her hubby oops ex-hubby manages to change her mind. At first she only agrees to flash him and pose for the camera. However, he had much more in mind.

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Her dude starts teasing her twat repeatedly. He gets her pussy nice and wet and has her begging for more. This sexy Latina ends up sucking his dick like a mad woman, as she plays with her groomed pussy. This Chica has a real exotic look and can take a pussy beating like a pro. This babes curves and moaning will surely fill you with the excitement you're looking for.

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Meet Layla, this babe is hot to trot and truly mesmerizing in this sexy masturbation porn video. When we got this submission we about fell on our faces. We suspect that this sexy gal knows all about GF Revenge and her motive is unclear. However, we just don't give a shit, we sure hope she submits more of her gorgeous self. Layla will rock your world with her sultry look and her kinky antics.

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She's got big boobs, a nice, spank worthy booty, legs for day and if all that wasn't enough she has all these really cool and edgy tattoos. Her big boobs are pierced and so is her clit. She gets her dildos and fucks her pink pussy with it looking like a fallen angel. This real amateur is truly something else. I've never enjoyed anyone masturbating as much as our dear Layla. Don't miss her in this GF Revenge video: "Laying Layla."


There's just something about amateur porn that really gets my blood pumping. It's just something about everyday ladies being stripped of their innocence and exposed as the horny little sex goddesses they really are. Well today's update does just that, it exposes this hot young beauty for being the bad girl she is. From what I heard this chic not only got down to business while it was being recorded but she did it with someone other then her man.

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That's right this chic was crazy enough to cheat on her man and let it be filmed. Obviously the news got back to him when he received this wild amateur sex tape of his girlfriend. Needless to say he called it quits and sent it the tape to put this babe on blast. After all when it comes to get revenge there's nothing sweeter then this here. I gotta admit though this chic is a real cutie with a hot body and some skills to cherish. I hope her dude got it in before walking away from his one here.


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"Oh guys" and all you real amateur sex lovers, hang on to your seats for today's GF Revenge update is fucking hot to trot! It's raunchy and sexy and it's really amateur sex at its very finest. In this installment we have a couple: A blonde teen and her boyfriend who is the dude behind the camera. They're on a vacation and about a little over an hour away from their destination which is good ole Miami! This sexy girlfriend had to make a quick stop to pee and just couldn't wait to get to Miami for some good times.

She took kind of long in the restroom so her boyfriend jumped out of the car with his cam and knocked on the door. Somehow he convinced this hottie with a tight ass and some really nice tits to have a "quickie" with him in the restroom. At first she resisted, being kind of grossed out by the rest stop restroom and what not. But she finally agreed. What was suppose to be a "quickie" turned into a full blown, real amateur sex session in which the boyfriend took advantage and made this awesome sex tape.

He fucked her teen pussy in various positions. By this point she was totally into it and just totally digged the camera aspect about it. She gave him a full blown, sloppy blow job and bounced her cute ass on his dong. This blonde teen is absolutely fucking hot and should be doing this for a living.

The only thing were not sure about is why this couple with so much spark has broken up. We're also, not sure who put in the submission since they wanted to remain anonymous. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, we don't give a fuck. We're just so happy to have this off the chain, real amateur sex tape with a hot blonde. Don't miss this cutie in full steam, hardcore action in this GF Revenge video: "Restroom Rebels."

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