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Meet Layla, this babe is hot to trot and truly mesmerizing in this sexy masturbation porn video. When we got this submission we about fell on our faces. We suspect that this sexy gal knows all about GF Revenge and her motive is unclear. However, we just don't give a shit, we sure hope she submits more of her gorgeous self. Layla will rock your world with her sultry look and her kinky antics.

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She's got big boobs, a nice, spank worthy booty, legs for day and if all that wasn't enough she has all these really cool and edgy tattoos. Her big boobs are pierced and so is her clit. She gets her dildos and fucks her pink pussy with it looking like a fallen angel. This real amateur is truly something else. I've never enjoyed anyone masturbating as much as our dear Layla. Don't miss her in this GF Revenge video: "Laying Layla."


There's just something about amateur porn that really gets my blood pumping. It's just something about everyday ladies being stripped of their innocence and exposed as the horny little sex goddesses they really are. Well today's update does just that, it exposes this hot young beauty for being the bad girl she is. From what I heard this chic not only got down to business while it was being recorded but she did it with someone other then her man.

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That's right this chic was crazy enough to cheat on her man and let it be filmed. Obviously the news got back to him when he received this wild amateur sex tape of his girlfriend. Needless to say he called it quits and sent it the tape to put this babe on blast. After all when it comes to get revenge there's nothing sweeter then this here. I gotta admit though this chic is a real cutie with a hot body and some skills to cherish. I hope her dude got it in before walking away from his one here.


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"Oh guys" and all you real amateur sex lovers, hang on to your seats for today's GF Revenge update is fucking hot to trot! It's raunchy and sexy and it's really amateur sex at its very finest. In this installment we have a couple: A blonde teen and her boyfriend who is the dude behind the camera. They're on a vacation and about a little over an hour away from their destination which is good ole Miami! This sexy girlfriend had to make a quick stop to pee and just couldn't wait to get to Miami for some good times.

She took kind of long in the restroom so her boyfriend jumped out of the car with his cam and knocked on the door. Somehow he convinced this hottie with a tight ass and some really nice tits to have a "quickie" with him in the restroom. At first she resisted, being kind of grossed out by the rest stop restroom and what not. But she finally agreed. What was suppose to be a "quickie" turned into a full blown, real amateur sex session in which the boyfriend took advantage and made this awesome sex tape.

He fucked her teen pussy in various positions. By this point she was totally into it and just totally digged the camera aspect about it. She gave him a full blown, sloppy blow job and bounced her cute ass on his dong. This blonde teen is absolutely fucking hot and should be doing this for a living.

The only thing were not sure about is why this couple with so much spark has broken up. We're also, not sure who put in the submission since they wanted to remain anonymous. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, we don't give a fuck. We're just so happy to have this off the chain, real amateur sex tape with a hot blonde. Don't miss this cutie in full steam, hardcore action in this GF Revenge video: "Restroom Rebels."

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Oh Shyla you naughty naughty girl! Today's submission came from one fuming dude who was seeking the ultimate revenge against is girlfriend oops ex-girlfriend. Apparently he decided to go through her phone while she was in the shower and stumbled across a sex video of her and her ex having sex. What made it worse was the shirt she had on was the one her current boyfriend had bought her just a couple weeks prior. Apparently while this poor bastard had been out working, busting his butt to support her she was out fucking her ex.

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I gotta admit this chic is hot! She's got an exotic look, HUGE tits and is obviously a freak. She sucks him off like a pro and rides his dick full force. You can tell that this little sex pot was turned on by being taped. She slams her thick booty down on his dong with ease. You can tell she's a pain freak and gets turned on more and more the harder he rams his penis into her tight slit. You won't want to miss out on hearing this dark haired beauty moan or watching her huge milk jugs bounce and jiggle with each thrust.

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I don't know what Sweet Ashley did to end up here on GF Revenge; but, I'm grateful she did it. This babe has such an innocent face with some naughty tan lines and incredible curves. It seems that every time this brunette beauty sees a camera she feels the urge to flash. She just loves showing off her juicy booty and amazing flexibility. Watching her spread wide while in the upright position is too good to be true.

I can just imagine what a dream it'd be to bang this babes pussy in. You can tell that there's a real naughty girl hidden behind that innocent smile. I can only assume her boyfriend came to realize that her innocence wasn't real when she broke his heart. Or maybe they're still together and he turned in the pics for a prize and too show off just how lucky he is. Whatever the case may be when it comes to steamy girlfriend pics and getting sweet revenge against your naughty ex's GF Revenge is the only way to go!

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Today's GF Revenge Blog update is pretty fucking hot. Not only do we have one but we have two really sexy and naughty real amateurs taking a bath together. Apparently, they didn't realize that they were being watched until much later. The brunette hottie shaves the blonde's pussy as they sip on water and gossip. Suddenly, the brunette is feeling hot and reaches over and begins to kiss the blonde with the cute tits.

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These girls played with each other some until this dude walks in and he had been recording them the entire time. With cam in hand and all, he whips out his fat dong and the blonde one starts giving him head looking ever so spectacular. Now with her brand spanking newly shaved pussy she's ready to get her pussy rammed. Don't miss these sexy, real amateurs in this off the chain sex tape! Check them out in GF Revenge video: "Get Her Groomed."

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