This update is a GF Revenge favorite. It features a group of real amateurs engaging in a lesbian exgirlfriend orgy. The pics are obviously amateur quality and taken with a home camera. The girls are all really pretty and have smoking bodies. They form a triangle of pussy licking. Without a doubt, this is some of the hottest teen sex we've ever seen. And GF Revenge has seen more than the fair share. If you liked these lesbian exgirlfriend orgy pics, then be sure to check back often for more smoking updates...


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In this hot GF Revenge update, we get to see some hot amateur lesbian exgirlfriend pictures. According to this BF, he got his hands on the lesbian movie in a mad dirty way. But here at GF Revenge, we don't judge. It features his ex and her friend taking turns licking and sucking on each other. He tells us the story: "my ex-girlfriend was a complete freak and she slept around behind my back. All she would do is hang out all day with her stupid friends and sexually experiment." He goes on to say, "to make matters worse, she never even asked me to join in on the lesbian fun...she was super hot, but nothing was worth the headache she caused." Well, at least he's got the hot lesbian exgirlfriend pictures to remember her by.


Here is some free advice to all you boyfriends out there from your friends here at GF Revenge; keep your girl away from girls that look as hot as the ones above, or you might just end up losing them to a lesbian pool party! That's what happened to our friend Pete. His job always had him working late and his girlfriend began to get really bored. One day his exgirlfriend decided to go out for some fun on her own at a pool party and ended up getting more than she bargained for when she met Marylin, the sexy nerd girl. Before too long, the girlfriend dumped that loser Pete, so she could spend all her time playing with Marylin's taut body. Too bad for Pete, right?

Well, don't worry too much because Pete got his revenge...he got all of the lesbian pool party pictures he could get his hands on and gave them to GF Revenge Headquarters!


Now this is what I call lesbians in a bath tub GF Revenge style. This video was actually shot by a lesbian girl and her friends. Her GF caught her lying about it, and we ended up with the video. The ex seeking revenge wrote us, "I knew she had been with chicks before me and was a bit of a party girl, but she said she had given it all up for me." She goes on to tell the story saying, "I took a trip back home to see my family. When I got back, she looked like shit and was really sick. Turns out, she had water poisoning."

But that's not the best part - this is: "she left this video in the camera, so I found it. But I asked her anyway without telling her I'd seen it, and she lied saying it was nothing big...that she went out with some friends and had too much to drink." Wow, now that's what you call busted. GF Revenge doesn't discriminate. We take revenge videos of ex's whether it be hetero or lesbian. This amateur video of lesbians in a bath just goes to prove the point.

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