Babes in bikinis Mandy Sky, Gianna Nicole, Sabrina Banks

Mandy Sky, Gianna Nicole and Sabrina Banks were down on the hot streets of South Beach to party. The ladies decided they wanted in on all the Spring Break action. After a day of sunning at the beach, they decided to hit up a local dive bar. While walking there, the girls were acting crazy. They were booty shaking in the street, cart-wheeling and flashing. We're sure no one minded though. When you take one look at how hot these girls are and the nice amount of ass they were exposing, we're sure you'll agree.

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They eventually got to the spot, where it was just them and the bartender. After a couple rounds, the ladies started feeling freaky and playing truth or dare. They started making out and stripping down naked, and the bartender didn't seem to care, so they went for it. In no time, the girls were totally naked and eating each others pussies out. Mandy Sky, Gianna Nicole and Sabrina Banks had an all out lesbian orgy, and you've got a front-row seat on GF Revenge.

GF Revenge Mandy Sky, Gianna Nicole & Sabrina Banks the Bar Miami


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This was sent to us by Sasha, who was really mad that her girlfriend was screwing around behind her back

Dear GF Revenge,
I got to admit, I'm no Saint. I've cheated a couple of times. But what my girlfriend did to me was completely unforgivable. We where in a committed relationship, we even got a place together and everything, and during 9 months of the relationship she was seeing a whole bunch of girls behind my back!

Why couldn't she just do the adult thing and break up with me or say she wanted an open relationship instead of just being all chickenshit and going behind my back? Well, if she's going to act chicken shit to me then I'm going to act chicken shit to her - and submit her photos to GF Revenge!

Wow, sounds like you have a real heartbreaker on your hands, Sasha! I hope you end up feeling better, nobody deserves to have that happen to them! That story sounds even sadder than that one pussy play GF Revenge video we did a while back!

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