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Hope you like sexy lesbians with hot bodies that include: big breasts, big booties, shaved pussies and even one hairy pussy. This trio is fine as hell and so very naughty. If you're into lesbian sex, you're just going to lust over this real amateur lesbian threesome sex tape. It's superbly hot and these babes sure do know how to satisfy their kitties. This is certainly, one GF Revenge Blog update you just can't miss out on.

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Unfortunately, this lovely trio had a great fall out according to the anonymous submitter. Although a saddening thought we're so very happy to have the goods on these carpet munchers that look just divine in their shower, lesbian hook up. These girls are fucking hot to trot. They definitely should be doing this for a living! Tune into GF Revenge for the best real amateur porn on the web and don't miss out on this rad ass, real amateur lesbian threesome sex tape. You won't be sorry. In fact, you'll be feeling heavenly after watching these hot babes play.


This update of GF Revenge Blog is so very hot. Why you may ask? Well, we got one very gorgeous, curvy brunette showing all her goods and that's a spectacular thing because this babe is one hell of a gal. She has long, black hair, legs for days, big boobs, a tight round ass and a hairy pussy that will drive you completely wild. She took some of the naked photos on her own but the story is that this girl and her boyfriend were just moving into their new place. She got lazy and didn't want to do anymore work for the day. So her boyfriend suggested they make a sex tape. She was game!

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She quickly undressed exposing all her delicious body parts and began playing with her pussy. She looked just divine. If you like real amateur porn, you're going to love this babe in action! Certainly you have to check out this curvy, brunette beauty in this real amateur GF Revenge sex tape titled "Moan Alone." This babe is hot and will have you coming for more! Join the best real amateur porn site on the web now for only $1! Don't' waste another second. JOIN NOW!


This latest submission of GF Revenge is off the wall. We really can't tell who's nuttier: The sexy ex-girlfriend in the bathroom sex tape or the submitter which was the boyfriend of this big titty, real amateur. He claims that he video taped this fuck session because he knew their union was coming to an end. "Of course he knew, he dumped her!" Either way, the dude explains that this sexy honey was completely obsessed with hot tubs and only wanted to go to places with hot tubs. Moreover, she didn't have one of her own so when she was feeling in one of her hot tub moods, she would jump in her tub and pretend it was one, while she smoked cigarettes.

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Her boyfriend at the time figured it was just probably some odd phase she was going through but became grips with reality when her bath tub sessions started becoming longer and longer. He says this babe was wonderful in bed and he loved her big tits and her gorgeous, big ass, but was sick of watching her literally soak in her own filth. We gathered that he fucked this off the wall, real amateur one last time and video taped this bathroom sex tape and figured he'd make a little cash out of the sexy yet odd ordeal. We have no idea if this blue eyed beauty has any idea. But we do know she's totally worth checking out. Watch her in GF Revenge Video: "Freaky Fresh." You'll love this sexy real amateur and her curvaceous body!


Today on GF Revenge we have ourselves a naughty blonde who likes play shy but is far from it. She's a hot M.I.L.F with mouth watering skills and jaw dropping skills. She's a beauty who let the freak in her out and is paying the price for it in this sweet revenge sex tape. You see the guy in the pictures was her fiance but she decided she wanted to have an affair. As you figured she got busted for being the naughty girl she is and he was seeking the ultimate revenge. He was feeling humiliated and wanted to make her suffer the ultimate humiliation. He sent us their amateur home sex tape and you know the rest.

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This submission came to us from an ex-boyfriend that finally got his kicks when he submitted this revenge sex tape of his cheating ex-girlfriend. He was pretty pist off because he found out that this sexy brunette was giving out blow jobs around town. He certainly wasn't the only one getting these kick ass blow jobs. This babe was a total raunchy babe but so sexy, so we're so happy to have this dirty little revenge tape in our possession and we're pretty sure that all you real amateur porn fiends will love this as well.

In this GF Revenge Submission the once couple were getting ready to go out to celebrate their anniversary and the fact they were moving in to a new place. She was taking way to long, but looking ever so lovely in her racy, black lingerie. Her man (the submitter) picked up his camera and bargained with her. He told her that if she'd give him a deep throat blow job, he'd grant her some extra time to get ready for their date. She agreed and got to work. These two ended up fucking like bunnies and out of that bargain fuck this awesome cheating girlfriend, revenge sex tape was conceived.

Anyway, shortly after the conception of this tape the couple did in fact move in their new place together but soon after broke up after he learned of cheating ways. We feel bad for the ex-boyfriend but trust us he's feeling a lot better now. Not only did he get his sweet revenge on but he got paid for it. Now that's a fucking bargain! Tune into GF Revenge Blog for the best real amateur porn on the net!

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This GF Revenge submission has two of the sexiest lesbians we've ever seen in a real amateur sex tape. The submitter was also, a girl that lived with these two hot brunettes and would partake in these sexy lesbian encounters as well, but in this sex tape she's the one behind the camera. She told us in her submission that all three of them lived together and often participated in lesbian threesomes until the fun ended when one of the girls moved out and the other two couldn't afford the rent on their own.

She explained this submission was not an act of revenge but more of a good deed. Apparently, these were some of the best times of her life and she wanted to share them with anyone who cares to watch. Which we recommend you do because these babes are super hot and look ever so lovely as they get each other off. They have hot bodies with nice tits and juicy, big asses. They lick their lesbian pussies and look just heavenly.

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This submission of GF Revenge wasn't so much of an act of revenge as one of closure. Apparently, this real amateur couple were really shooting to become porn stars and these sex tapes were something of a norm. Sadly, the relationship ended after a series of fun fuck sessions. The pigtail beauty ran off with another guy. However, we're thankful that the ex-boyfriend submitted this naughty sex tape of their raunchy sexual escapades.

The ex-girlfriend, the cute brunette with pigtails and hot body sure seemed to love the camera. She posed in her bikini showing off her nice tits and her bushy pussy. She then proceeded to giving her man a kick ass blow job. He then fucked her in every way possible. She looks pretty fucking hot getting her sweet pussy banged so hard. If you like real amateur porn, you're going to love this real amateur couple sex tape! Catch this GF Revenge video and don't miss on some of the hottest real amateur porn on the web!

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