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This is by far one of the best threesomes we've ever had on GF Revenge. It showcased two super hot babes, Hurricane Barbie and Jordie Jae. One is a smoking hot blond with a great ass, and the other is a sexy brunette that has it in all the right places. When Barbie was taking a shower, Jordie's BF dared her to jump into the shower with her and makes out. Initially the girls resisted, but the temptation was too great, so they went for it.

Jordie Jae threesome on GF Revenge

Barbie and Jordie really started getting into it and decided to take it even further. The ladies stripped naked and started rubbing and licking each others pussies. It was some insane lesbian girl-on-girl action. Of course, they were horny and hungry for cock, so Jordie's BF was in the perfect situation to join in. He gave both those pussies a deep, hard stroking, and the ladies loved it. Everyone came, and Jordie's BF left his cumload all over the girls' sext bodies.


Nadia Capri teen pussy on GF Revenge

This GF Revenge video featured the smoking hot, teen blond, Nadia Capri. She and her roommate were in their new apartment clowning around and being silly. From the first moment we see Nadia in the video, we were already mesmerized by her sexy body. In no time, the girls started talking about how Nadia was making a naughty video for her Bday as a gift. Before the action even started, Nadia had stripped down to try on a dress. We got a good look at that sexy and tight teen body of hers.

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Nadia had some sweet teen tits and a round perfect ass. Then Nadia took out her sex toys in preparation of the real video. She began with her vibrator and got her pussy nice and wet, as she stroked it back and forth over her clit. Nadia gave out some of the most sexy moans ever. After that, Nadia went to town with her big dildo. She laid back in and kept stroking her pussy fast and deep until she had orgasmed on camera. This is one hot video you won't want to miss.


Missy Lynn blow job on GF Revenge

This GF Revenge episode features two sexy ladies in a hot threesome. The smoking hot Latina is Jasmine, and the sexy blond is Missy Lynn. In the episode, Jasmine's BF comes out with a camera and surprises her in bed. He wants to get freaky, but she isn't really feeling it. Once he introduces the idea of a threesome with their roommate (her friend), all of sudden, her attitude changes. They call Missy in and propose a threesome, and she is game. It begins with the ladies making out and playing with each others pussies.

GF Revenge Missy Lynn threesome

After they get horny playing with each other, they turn their attentions to Jasmine's BF. They both take turns sucking his cock until he is good and hard. Then he takes turns switching between their hot pussies. The have a wild threesome where he bangs one, and that sexy freak eats out the other. These friends are good about sharing his cock. After a while, it all proves too much for Jasmine's BF, so he bust his load. Only he does it all over her friend Missy's ass. The girls laugh it off as another memorable sexual experience.


Sadie Kennedy blow job on GF Revenge

This week on GF Revenge, we had a cute redhead teen by the name of Sadie Kennedy. We got a candid look at this babe, as she and her BF recorded their first sex tape. It was totally by chance. Sadie had come out of the shower in nothing but a towel. She was talking to her BF we she loaded some clothes into the washer. He was filming the whole time and caught a nice nip slip. Her teen tits were so soft and sweet. You just wanted to suck on them all day long. Then Sadie had to change into her clothes, but her BF didn't stop filming. We got a good look at her sweet booty and the rest of her.

GF Revenge porn pics with Sadie Kennedy

Somehow, her BF convinced her to make a sex video. Sadie sucked his cock like she was a true veteran. It was some of the best head to date on GF Revenge. After that, she was so horny, she practically begged for his cock. He gave it to her deep and hard, and she loved it. Sadie even came. But her BF wasn't done. He turned her around and went wild on her pussy in doggy style. Her nice big booty bounced up against him, as he drilled her. That pussy was so good, he couldn't contain himself, so he pulled out and busted his cum load all over her pretty face.


Rilynn teen blowjob GF Revenge

This couple was just in the house doing their regular stuff a the beginning of this GF Revenge sex tape. Rilynn was just washing the dishes in some smoking hot pink lingerie, and her BF came in with a camera in hand. She wasn't too happy about the fact that he was recording her in her underwear. Rilynn was a rather shy gal. And yet, this wasn't the couple's first homemade sex video. Rilynn quickly made the excuse that he may show the video to someone, but her BF reminded her that he never showed anyone their last video. After some serious convincing, Rilynn finally gave in and took her panties came off. Her BF jumped on the chance and started playing with that sweet teen pussy.

Rilynn teen amateur porn GF Revenge

It wasn't long before Rilynn had his cock in her mouth and was blowing away. Then she spread her legs wide open to take that dick deep. Rilynn loved the stroking. Her BF couldn't resist that big juicy ass, so he flipped around and went at that hot pussy doggy style. It was some wild sex, but things were still picking up. Once Rillyn got on top and started riding that cock, it was game over. Her BF couldn't hold back anymore and pulled out to let his jizz loose on that sexy body.

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Neeki big ass amateur on GF Revenge

This week we got a double header for you. meaning, we hooked up two pics from two different GF Revenge updates that are both awesome. The first one above comes from Quick Fix and features the amazing amateur babe Neeki. This babe has an ass on her that is incredible. While her and her BF were vacationing in FL, they decided to get a little kinky and record themselves having sex. It was epic. Neeki gave her BF an amazing blow job and rode his cock masterfully, all while the hotel was wide open for anyone walking by to look in. We think that just made Neeki get even more freaky. It was one wild update definitely worth seeing.

My girls girl Daisy on GF Revenge

This next pic come from the update titled, My Girl's Girl. It features Daisy, and her sexy ass self. This super fine teen is slim and fine as hell. She took the dick like a pro in this update. But we won't spoil it for you. We will tell you however, that seeing her friend Summer is a MUST. Summer has got some perfect DD tits on her slim frame. These titties invoke drooling anywhere they go. Best part is that Daisy and Summer teamed up in a smoking hot threesome to take on her BF's cock together. It was mind blowing!

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GF Revenge girlfriend sex On the Loose

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This week we decided to do thing a little different. We made one single post with a TOP pics theme. These were all taken from posts that appeared on the members' side over the last month. As you can see we had some pretty awesome updates, from threesomes to big thick asses and even skinny and slim hot girlfriends. There is something here for everyone. Lucky for us, all the ex-girlfriends did something to piss off their BFs and got exposed right here on GF Revenge. If you're unfamiliar with the way it works, it's user-submitted pics and videos. While these guys may have got screwed over by their GF's in the relationship, it's there turn to get them back. They not only expose them, but make some cash in the process. It's a win, win situation that leaves you the ultimate winner, so enjoy!

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